Our story

In 2014, Niclas “Nick” Luthman, co-founder of LUB Foods, was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic, so he was forced to change his diet and lifestyle.  

Nick obsessively learned about nutrition and started following a strict low-carb, anti-inflammatory diet, basically a keto diet long before the word was trendy. Eventually, he was able to get his health under control, but the diet was boring: He missed all the foods and snacks he loved.

Our journey

  • 2014


    A mechanical engineer by trade, Nick’s self-taught food engineering skills paid off after thousands of experiments. He started on a path to tasty treats that didn’t need to compromise flavor for healthiness.

  • 2017


    Nick turns down the offer of Chief Food Engineer for the Swedish Space Agency. His famous response,“It’s Earth that needs tasty no-sugar-added treats.”

  • 2018


    How hard could the confectionery business be, right? Nick gathered friends and food scientists, all with a passion for sweets, ice cream and health, and launched Nick’s. It was hard work! But mighty tasty.

  • 2019


    Nick’s starts to distribute outside of Sweden. Markets such as France and Germany. We became the best-selling foreign brand on Amazon UK. Our product portfolio expanded with more product, like our amazing ice cream. Creamy and simply wonderful.

  • 2020

    New big market

    US here we come! Nick’s is introduced on the American market with Swedish-style light ice cream. Pints filled with love, cookie dough and with low calories.


    Keep up the good work

    Full speed ahead with the introduction of ice cream in new markets all around Europe. What happens next? Well we can’t tell you everything, but what we do know is that we will continue to offer products that taste great and that are good for you. All this to sweeten up your day.