Insulin helps to turn sugar in our bloodstream into energy. Sugar only give us just that, energy. Do we in the West really need more? We get plenty of energy from healthy food. So why should we eat sugar? It’s just unnecessary.

Calories from white sugar are the worst calories you can consume, so why should we eat it? When we digest sugar, enzymes in the small intestine break it down into glucose. This glucose is then released into the bloodstream, where it is transported to tissue cells in our muscles and organs and converted into energy. Beta cells in the pancreas constantly monitor the amount of glucose in the bloodstream and release insulin to control it. This means that if you consume more sugar than your body needs right away, it will be stored for later to keep your blood-sugar levels constant. If your body stops producing any or enough insulin, or if your cells become resistant to it, this can result in diabetes, leaving your blood-sugar levels to rise to dangerous levels.

Lets just say that all people in the western world should reduce their sugar intake. Our vision at NICK’S is to make it easier to choose a better alternative without sugar.